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Beetling Sandwich

Left to right: Jo Hodgkins (+1), Mark Telfer, Simon Horsnall, John Paul, Tony Allen, Kevin Chuter, Roger Booth, Grant Hazlehurst, James McGill, Peter McMullen, Julie Collier, Martin Collier, Graham Finch and Eric Philp.

Fourteen coleopterists assembled at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory for the Coleopterists’ Meeting on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September, with many people (including Jo and I) having traveled down on the Friday.

The weather stayed dry and mostly sunny for us throughout, which is not how most of the summer of 2012 will be remembered. Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory was a great base for the meeting and I will definitely be back there in future. The social side of entomology is something I miss during the field season so it was great to spend time with other like-minded folk, in the field as well as in the rather good Indian and Thai restaurants of Sandwich village. So I really enjoyed myself and I think everyone else would say the same. As the leader I was relieved that the meeting went off without serious mishap, though not entirely without misfortune – there’s a notebook and a good pair of reading glasses somewhere in Kent, and a blowy exhaust on my car thanks to some monstrous sleeping policemen.

But if you were wondering whether you should have been there, or whether you should attend the next coleopterists’ meeting, I should really let the beetles speak for themselves. So here’s my list for the Sandwich Bay area.

128 species
18 Nationally Scarce
1 Near Threatened
2 Insufficiently Known (RDBK)
1 New for Britain
11 ticks for me (a few of which I have seen in trap samples before but not alive)

Family Species: scientific name Conservation Status
Carabidae Leistus ferrugineus None
Carabidae Notiophilus aquaticus None
Carabidae Trechus obtusus None
Carabidae Trechus quadristriatus None
Carabidae Calathus cinctus None
Carabidae Calathus erratus None
Carabidae Calathus fuscipes None
Carabidae Calathus melanocephalus None
Carabidae Calathus mollis None
Carabidae Olisthopus rotundatus None
Carabidae Amara aenea None
Carabidae Amara curta Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Carabidae Amara familiaris None
Carabidae Amara ovata None
Carabidae Amara bifrons None
Carabidae Amara apricaria None
Carabidae Amara fulva Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Carabidae Curtonotus convexiusculus None
Carabidae Harpalus affinis None
Carabidae Harpalus anxius None
Carabidae Harpalus rubripes None
Carabidae Harpalus serripes Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Carabidae Harpalus tardus None
Carabidae Harpalus rufipes None
Carabidae Ophonus ardosiacus Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Carabidae Ophonus puncticeps None
Carabidae Ophonus rufibarbis None
Carabidae Bradycellus verbasci None
Carabidae Panagaeus bipustulatus Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Carabidae Masoreus wetterhallii Nationally Scarce (Na)
Carabidae Demetrias monostigma Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Carabidae Paradromius linearis None
Carabidae Philorhizus melanocephalus None
Carabidae Syntomus foveatus None
Carabidae Syntomus truncatellus None
Hydrophilidae Berosus affinis LC
Hydrophilidae Hydrophilus piceus NT
Hydraenidae Hydraena riparia None
Hydraenidae Ochthebius minimus None
Silphidae Silpha laevigata None
Silphidae Silpha tristis None
Staphylinidae Omalium exiguum Nationally Scarce
Staphylinidae Metopsia clypeata None
Staphylinidae Megarthrus denticollis None
Staphylinidae Megarthrus prosseni None
Staphylinidae Sepedophilus nigripennis None
Staphylinidae Tachinus rufipes None
Staphylinidae Oxypoda haemorrhoa None
Staphylinidae Gnypeta carbonaria None
Staphylinidae Amischa decipiens None
Staphylinidae Alaobia trinotata None
Staphylinidae Philhygra elongatula None
Staphylinidae Philhygra palustris None
Staphylinidae Microdota liliputana None
Staphylinidae Atheta graminicola None
Staphylinidae Atheta triangulum None
Staphylinidae Mycetota laticollis None
Staphylinidae Dimetrota atramentaria None
Staphylinidae Chaetida longicornis None
Staphylinidae Coprothassa melanaria None
Staphylinidae Aleochara bipustulata None
Staphylinidae Aleochara verna RDBK
Staphylinidae Aleochara tristis None
Staphylinidae Cypha pulicaria? None
Staphylinidae Drusilla canaliculata None
Staphylinidae Oxytelus laqueatus None
Staphylinidae Anotylus nitidulus None
Staphylinidae Paederus littoralis None
Staphylinidae Philonthus cognatus None
Staphylinidae Philonthus varians None
Staphylinidae Tasgius morsitans None
Staphylinidae Megalinus glabratus None
Staphylinidae Xantholinus linearis None
Staphylinidae Xantholinus longiventris None
Malachiidae Anthocomus rufus None
Phalacridae Phalacrus fimetarius None
Phalacridae Olibrus aeneus None
Phalacridae Olibrus affinis None
Phalacridae Olibrus millefolii Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Phalacridae Olibrus norvegicus (TBC) New for Britain
Phalacridae Stilbus testaceus None
Cryptophagidae Cryptophagus denticulatus None
Cryptophagidae Cryptophagus puncticollis None
Cryptophagidae Atomaria atricapilla None
Cryptophagidae Atomaria testacea None
Cryptophagidae Ephistemus globulus None
Endomychidae Endomychus coccineus None
Coccinellidae Rhyzobius litura None
Coccinellidae Coccidula rufa None
Coccinellidae Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata None
Coccinellidae Coccinella septempunctata None
Coccinellidae Hippodamia variegata Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Latridiidae Corticaria crenulata None
Latridiidae Corticarina curta None
Latridiidae Cortinicara gibbosa None
Tenebrionidae Phylan gibbus None
Tenebrionidae Xanthomus pallidus Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Tenebrionidae Cteniopus sulphureus None
Anthicidae Notoxus monoceros None
Anthicidae Anthicus antherinus None
Anthicidae Omonadus floralis None
Aderidae Aderus populneus Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Chrysomelidae Cassida nobilis Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Chrysomelidae Timarcha goettingensis None
Chrysomelidae Chrysolina banksi None
Chrysomelidae Chrysolina haemoptera Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Chrysomelidae Gastrophysa polygoni None
Chrysomelidae Phyllotreta nigripes None
Chrysomelidae Aphthona euphorbiae None
Chrysomelidae Longitarsus parvulus Nationally Scarce (Na)
Chrysomelidae Longitarsus pratensis None
Apionidae Malvapion malvae None
Apionidae Protapion assimile None
Apionidae Protapion dissimile Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Apionidae Protapion fulvipes None
Apionidae Protapion nigritarse None
Apionidae Protapion ononidis None
Apionidae Perapion hydrolapathi None
Apionidae Holotrichapion ononis None
Curculionidae Otiorhynchus ligneus None
Curculionidae Neliocarus faber Nationally Scarce (Nb)
Curculionidae Sitona humeralis None
Curculionidae Sitona lineatus None
Curculionidae Lixus scabricollis RDBK
Curculionidae Ceutorhynchus obstrictus None
Curculionidae Trichosirocalus troglodytes None
Curculionidae Tychius tibialis Nationally Scarce (Na)
Curculionidae Mecinus pyraster None

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