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Joy: a list of the useful sections

Last updated: 4th February 2013


  • Micropeplinae
  • Tachyporinae- see updated version.
  • Aleocharinae: there are useful characters in Joy but it is quite a big job to disentangle the taxonomic changes that have occurred within this subfamily since Joy (1932).

Joy’s ‘Malacodermata’

  • ‘Helodidae’: Scirtidae and Psephenidae except for the genera Elodes and Cyphon.
  • Cleridae
  • Dascillidae
  • Lymexylonidae
  • Melyridae

Elateridae, Eucnemidae, Throscidae – see updated version.

All Joy’s ‘Teredilia’: Anobiidae, Bostrichidae and Orthocerus.

Joy’s ‘Clavicornia’. The final ‘suborder’ in Joy’s handbook contains several keys which are still useful.

  • Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae
  • Joy’s ‘Cucujidae’: now comprising the whole of families Laemophloeidae and Cucujidae and parts of families Silvanidae and Trogossitidae.
  • Endomychidae
  • Joy’s ‘Cryptophagidae’: now comprising Endophloeus (Colydiidae), the subfamily Silvaninae of Silvanidae, Diplocoelus (Biphyllidae) and a large part of the modern family Cryptophagidae (of which only Joy’s key to the two Henoticus species is yet to be superseded).
  • Joy’s ‘Lyctidae’: the genus Lyctus which is now included within family Bostrichidae.
  • Joy’s ‘Lathridiidae’: now comprising Mycetaea and Holoparamecus (part of Endomychidae), Myrmechixenus (part of Tenebrionidae), Bitoma (part of Colydiidae), Hypocoprus, Paramecosoma and Telmatophilus (part of Cryptophagidae), and the whole of the Latridiidae (now spelt without the ‘-h-‘).
  • Joy’s ‘Colydiidae’: another ragbag of which only Joy’s key to Rhizophagus (Monotomidae) has been thoroughly superseded.
  • Joy’s ‘Nitidulidae’: another ragbag of which only Joy’s keys to Meligethes and Epuraea (Micrurula, Dadopora and Epuraea in Joy) have been thoroughly superseded.
  • Sphindidae
  • Joy’s ‘Mycetophagidae’: another ragbag of which only Joy’s key to Atomaria (Cryptophagidae) has been thoroughly superseded.


  1. Dave Murray says:

    Dear Mark,
    Have you seen Stanley Bowstead’s ‘A revision of the Corylophidae (Coleoptera) of the Western Palaerctic Regoin’? Published by Museum d’histoire naturelle Geneve, it is a recent work but I do not have a date. Very technical and well illustrated with line drawings. I think from memory it includes the British list.
    Hope this is useful, Dave.

  2. markgtelfer says:

    Thanks Dave, I’ve now deleted Corylophidae from the list. It was on there by mistake – like you I only use Bowestead now for corylophids.

  3. Hi Mark, when you say that Joy’s key to Epuraea has been thoroughly superseded, what’s it been superseded by?! Can’t find any likely looking references anywhere at the moment, what am I missing?

  4. markgtelfer says:

    Martin, I will reply to your query privately.

  5. Nigel Willits says:

    Hi Mark, You mention Cyphon as an exception in Joy’s treatment of Scirtidae. Is there an alternative?

  6. markgtelfer says:

    There are some excellent sets of ilustrations of Cyphon genitalia, the best being by Nyholm (1972) in Entomologica Scandinavica, Supplementum 3. But see also Kevan (1962) in EMM, 98, 114 – 121, and the figures in Freude, Harde and Lohse, vol. 6, 257 – 262.

  7. Nigel Willits says:

    Thanks Mark. Any suggestions where I might access the sources you suggest? The RSPB library does not have them and I have failed to find them online.

  8. markgtelfer says:

    In general, the libraries of the BENHS at Dinton Pastures and the RES near St Albans are where I go to photocopy the papers I need.

  9. Poussereau jacques says:

    je travaille bénévolement pour établir une collection de coléoptères de la Réunion et j’ai besoin d’un spécialiste pour déterminer voir décrire les espèces de la Réunion;merci de me contacter

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