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Euaesthetinae, Oxyporinae, Pseudopsinae, Paederinae

Paederus caligatus © John Walters

These subfamilies are all included in the new RES Handbook by Derek Lott and Roy Anderson (June 2011: £49 + £5 p&p from here), along with the Staphylininae and Steninae.

The only error I’m aware of in the Handbook is as follows:

Medon: In Fig. 164 on page 117 of the RES Handbook, the aedeagus labelled “M. piceus” is actually M. pocofer. There is no illustration of the aedeagus of M. piceus. As far as I can tell, all the others are correctly labelled and the corresponding text descriptions of aedeagi are correct.

If anyone knows of other additions or corrections to the Handbook, please leave a comment and I will add them to this page.


  1. John Walters says:

    Astenus serpentinus is currently known from Westcombe Beach, near Bigbury; Mansands/Scabbacombe Sands, near Brixham and Beesands, near Torcross on the South Devon coast. Recorded with Dave Boyce.

  2. Derek Lott says:

    Thanks to John Walters for the interesting distribution records of Astenus serpentinus. I had heard rumours of its discovery in south Devon, but did not realise that it had been found on so many occasions. In the BM There is also a specimen from Strete collected by Tom Eccles.

    Do you come across A. procerus very frequently. I recently came across an old specimen from Saunton Cliffs, N. Devon in the W. Hunt collection at Leicestershire Museums.

  3. That’s a pity the test keys have been taken down as I have a colourful Paederus I am trying to determine.

  4. Clive Washington says:

    I think I have another error in Paederinae, p. 85 couplet 6, talks about hind tarsi but seems to illustrate fore tarsi. Not clear which is to be examined!

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