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Omaliinae, Proteininae, Micropeplinae

C.E. Tottenham’s (1954) RES Handbook is the main identification reference for these three subfamilies. I’m afraid I would have to vote CET’s key to genera of Omaliinae as the most accursed key in the British beetle literature! The good news is that Roy Anderson, having now finished with the Steninae, is working on a new RES Handbook to Omaliinae, Protenininae and Micropeplinae. I look forward to seeing test keys. Meanwhile, Tottenham (1954) can be downloaded as a searchable PDF file here.


  1. Hi there Mark. Just wondering after your comment about the RES key to Omaliinae whether the one at https://sites.google.com/site/mikesinsectkeys/Home/keys-to-coleoptera/staphylinidae is any easier. I translated this from Dr Arved Lompe’s key in German which was itself taken from other German literature. I’d love any feedback.

  2. markgtelfer says:

    Good work Mike, I will take a look.

  3. Don Stenhouse says:

    Hello Mike

    I have looked at a few of your keys and although I think they are nicely produced, they are very ‘spread out’. There is typically just one couplet on a whole page. This makes them much difficult to scroll through and heavy on paper.
    Good stuff though!

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