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Tachyporinae, Phloeocharinae, Habrocerinae, Trichophyinae

Three of these four subfamilies contain just a single British species:

  • Phloeocharis subtilissima (Phloeocharinae),
  • Habrocerus capillaricornis (Habrocerinae) and
  • Trichophya pilicornis (Trichophyinae).

They can thus be identified using the key to subfamilies in Lott’s (2009) RES Handbook or the slightly updated version in the RES Handbook by Lott and Anderson (2011).

For the remaining subfamily, the Tachyporinae, the main identification text is still Joy’s (1932) Practical Handbook. I have prepared an updated version of Joy’s keys which should make identifying tachyporine beetles less confusing:
download version 2 (11th Feb 2012) here.

If you are not familiar with Joy’s keys and are wondering what exactly he means by ‘rather closely’, ‘quadrate’, ‘piceous’, ‘shagreened’ and other terms, you’ll need to refer to Joy’s abbreviations and conventions, adapted from his introductory chapter.

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