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Catalogue of the Carabidae of Cyprus

As far as I’m aware, this publication is the only English language catalogue of the Carabidae for any part of the Mediterranean region.

Austin, K., Small, E., Lemaire, J.-M., Jeanne, C., Makris, C. and Georghiou, G. (2008). A revised catalogue of the Carabidae (Coleoptera) of Cyprus. Annales du museum d’histoire naturelle de Nice, tome XXIII (supplement). A4 softback, 199 pages including 25 colour plates.

Abstract: “The paper provides an update on the known ground beetle species on Cyprus based on recent survey work and reviews of museum material. The paper adds to the significant contribution to the knowledge of the island’s Carabidae fauna made by Jeanne (1986). 283 taxa are considered here, of which 240 can be considered both reliably reported and probably extant on Cyprus and 68 are new or confirmed additions for Cyprus.”

The text is in English and French, on facing pages.

The 25 colour plates are of set specimens at 5× life-size. I know standards are improving all the time but these really are extraordinarily impressive pictures. All the more so that they were all taken by Christodoulos Makris “using an Epson Perfection 4870 Photo scanner” (< £300).

Kevin Austin and Emma Small (Aberystwyth) tell me that copies can be obtained direct from Nice Museum of Natural History by emailing:


Jean-Michel Lemaire is the author based at the museum (http://www.mhnnice.org/). You may or may not be asked to pay.


  1. Werner Lakomy says:

    Dear colleagues,

    I am working at the University Bremen and collect Carabid Beetles since 20 year within Europa and Turkey. I am very interested in this new book and would be very happy if you could send me a copy of the interesting book about the fauna of Cyprus.

    Yours sincerely

    Werner Lakomy

    Werner Lakomy
    Universität of Bremen
    Room SFG 3320
    Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 7
    D-28339 Bremen
    Tel.: 218-67550

  2. Coulon Jacques says:

    I am very interested by the Tachys species of Cyprus. I am studying this group and I think there are many confused identifications inside.
    It is probable that Tachys centromaculatus does not exist in Cyprus. Tachys lenkoranus could be present on the contrary !

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