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Biodiversity on the lounge carpet!

Moribund Panchlora cockroach


I am always deeply envious of people who find exotic insects in grocer’s shops, bakeries, restaurants and the like. It never seems to happen to me despite much furtive searching in the fruit aisle at Tesco! So I was absolutely delighted when Jo found this tropical cockroach in the middle of our lounge carpet, waving its legs in the air.

How it got into our house is a complete mystery, perhaps in some cut flowers Jo was given a few weeks ago. Darren Mann was able to identify it straight off as a female Panchlora species (family Blaberidae) of central/south American origin.


  1. Woudlnt even have recognized this as a tropical cocroach, and dont want to know how many i have/had at home just traveling in by food or other shopings

  2. Christoffer Sjoholm, Sweden says:

    These cockroaches are rather commonly bred as food for “pet” reptiles etc. they are also kept as pets themself, a growing hobby! So a likely origin for your find is probably neighbor who lost a pet, maybe you should put up some posters… One problem with them is that unlike most roaches they tend to escape by flying.

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