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Seth Gibson

Seth Gibson is based in Surrey and was ‘Organism Listing’ even before he saw the pan-species listing article on the BirdGuides webzine.

Seth writes: “My first great passion is birding. I’ve endured several lunatic twitches to places as far flung as Scilly and Orkney and found a few of my own rarities, the most notable being a Scops Owl at Porthgwarra. Butterflies have stolen the limelight for the past couple of seasons. 2010 saw me attempt to see and photograph ALL the British species, but I missed Clouded Yellow and Mountain Ringlet, the latter being the only remaining breeding species I’ve yet to see. I have spent quite some time helping with the forthcoming Surrey Wildlife Trust’s “Smaller Moths of Surrey” and have been fortunate enough to spend many hours in the field with several accomplished naturalists, notably the late Ian Menzies (beetles), John Langmaid (microleps) and Graham Collins (pretty much everything!) All species on my list have been seen in the wild and all have been alive and unrestrained”.

Seth married fellow pan-species lister Sami in May 2012 and as husband and wife used their honeymoon to raise funds for Butterfly Conservation on their “Land’s End to John O’Groats Honeymoon Challenge” at the same time as adding to their pan-species lists.

Here are the breakdowns of Seth’s and Sami’s lists at 26th February 2013:

Protists Myxomycota 5 1 Slime Moulds
Protists Algae – Marine 35 12 Seaweeds – Greens, Browns and Reds
Protists Algae – Terrestrial 1 1 Algae
Protists Lichens 27 15 Lichens
Fungi Fungi: Ascomycota 35 16 Leafspots, Powdery Mildews, Cramp Balls, Candlesnuff and Ergot
Fungi Fungi: Basidiomycota 75 43 Mushrooms, Toadstools, Stinkhorns, Puffballs, Smuts and Rusts
Plants Bryophytes – Mosses 48 13 Sphagnums, Acrocarps and Pleurocarps
Plants Bryophytes – Liverworts 15 3 Hornworts and Liverworts
Plants Vascular Plants 782 445 Horsetails, Clubmosses, Ferns, Conifers and all Flowering Plants
Animals (Vertebrates) Chondrichthyes – Cartiliginous Fish 2 1 Sharks and Rays
Animals (Vertebrates) Osteichthyes – Bony Fish 35 20 All other fishes in UK (apart from Lampreys)
Animals (Vertebrates) Amphibians 7 6 Toads, Frogs and Newts (natives and aliens)
Animals (Vertebrates) Reptiles 7 6 Snakes, Lizards and Turtles (natives and aliens)
Animals (Vertebrates) Birds 435 245 Categories A,B and C (as accepted by the BOU)
Animals (Vertebrates) Mammals 45 35 Marine and Terrestrial Mammals
Animals (Invertebrates) Tunicata 3 1 Sea Squirts, Ascidians and Salps
Animals (Invertebrates) Echinoderma 4 3 Starfish, Sea Stars, Brittlestars, Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers
Animals (Invertebrates) Crustacea: Amphipoda 3 3 Hoppers and Freshwater Shrimps
Animals (Invertebrates) Crustacea: Decapoda 13 5 Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Prawns, Lobsters, Crayfish and Squat Lobsters
Animals (Invertebrates) Crustacea: Isopoda 13 11 Woodlice and Slaters
Animals (Invertebrates) Crustacea: Branchuria 2 0 Fish Lice (Ectoparasites)
Animals (Invertebrates) Crustacea: Cirripedia 4 2 Barnacles
Animals (Invertebrates) Crustacea: Copepoda 1 0 Anchor-worms (Ectoparasites)
Animals (Invertebrates) Porifera 1 1 Marine and Freshwater Sponges
Animals (Invertebrates) Bryozoa 1 1 Sea Mats
Animals (Invertebrates) Cnidaria 10 6 Jellyfish and Sea Anemones
Animals (Invertebrates) Ctenophora 1 0 Sea Gooseberries
Animals (Invertebrates) Nemertea 1 0 Bootlace Worms
Animals (Invertebrates) Mollusca: Bivalvia 6 2 Oysters, Mussels, Scallops etc
Animals (Invertebrates) Mollusca: Gastropoda 51 29 Snails (Terrestrial, Marine and Freshwater), Slugs and Sea Slugs
Animals (Invertebrates) Collembola 3 2 Springtails (Terrestrial and Marine)
Animals (Invertebrates) Thysanura 1 1 Silverfish
Animals (Invertebrates) Archaegnatha 1 1 Jumping Bristletails
Animals (Invertebrates) Annelida: Oligochaeta 4 1 Earthworms and Sludgeworms
Animals (Invertebrates) Annelida: Polychaeta 3 2 Tubeworms, Scaleworms, etc (ie generally marine)
Animals (Invertebrates) Annelida: Hirundinea 2 1 Leeches
Animals (Invertebrates) Platyhelminthes 2 2 Flatworms (Terrestrial and Freshwater)
Animals (Invertebrates) Siphunculata 1 1 Sucking Lice
Animals (Invertebrates) Siphonaptera 4 3 Fleas
Animals (Invertebrates) Diptera 37 13 True Flies
Animals (Invertebrates) Ephemeroptera 1 1 Mayflies
Animals (Invertebrates) Megaloptera 1 0 Alderflies
Animals (Invertebrates) Trichoptera 1 1 Caddisflies
Animals (Invertebrates) Neuroptera: Raphidoptera 1 0 Snakeflies
Animals (Invertebrates) Neuroptera: Chrysopidae 7 1 Lacewings
Animals (Invertebrates) Hymenoptera: Aculeata 17 10 Bees, Wasps and Ants
Animals (Invertebrates) Hymenoptera: Parasitica 18 0 Parasitic Wasps, Gall Wasps and Ichneumon Wasps
Animals (Invertebrates) Hymenoptera: Symphyta 3 0 Sawflies
Animals (Invertebrates) Lepidoptera: Micro 567 54 Micro-moths
Animals (Invertebrates) Lepidoptera: Macro 396 90 Macro-moths
Animals (Invertebrates) Lepidoptera: Butterflies 61 57 Butterflies
Animals (Invertebrates) Odonata 36 27 Demoiselles, Spreadwings, Damselflies and Dragonflies
Animals (Invertebrates) Bugs: Heteroptera 43 17 Waterbugs, Shieldbugs, Groundbugs, Plantbugs, Assasin Bugs etc
Animals (Invertebrates) Bugs: Homoptera 6 3 Treehoopers, Froghoppers, Planthoppers and Leafhoppers
Animals (Invertebrates) Bugs: Sternorrhyncha 7 3 Psyllids, Aphids, Whiteflies, Scale Insects and Mealybugs
Animals (Invertebrates) Coleoptera 130 45 Terrestrial and Freshwater Beetles
Animals (Invertebrates) Orthoptera 22 16 Crickets, Bush-crickets, Grasshoppers and Groundhoppers
Animals (Invertebrates) Dictyoptera 5 2 Cockroaches
Animals (Invertebrates) Dermaptera 1 1 Earwigs
Animals (Invertebrates) Phasmida 1 0 Stick Insects
Animals (Invertebrates) Arachnida: Aranaea 42 27 Spiders
Animals (Invertebrates) Arachnida: Opiliones 6 3 Harvestmen
Animals (Invertebrates) Arachnida: Pseudoscorpionida 2 1 Pseudoscorpions
Animals (Invertebrates) Arachnida: Acari 3 0 Mites
Animals (Invertebrates) Chilopoda 3 1 Centipedes
Animals (Invertebrates) Diplopoda 3 3 Millipedes


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